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Domestic worker vulnerability to violence and HIV infection: A community based organisation involvment in the fight against iliteracy, abuse and exploitation (sic)

Aliou Ayaba and Lyhotely Ndagijimana

In the developing world, girls–particularly those out of school–continue to pay a high price for their lack of education, social status and economic assets. With no academic qualifications most of them turn to cheap labour. One of these is the domestic work. With no contract and pitiful salaries, these girls are  often subjected to various manners of exploitation and abuse. To inform ADBEF’s action plan for the future, a survey was conducted among these workers to estimate the nature of abuse and exploitation they suffer; their knowledge and skills regarding HIV prevention, unintended pregnancy and sexual infections; and most importantly the fulfillment of their rights by rights holders, governments, communities, individuals, and parents. These findings are illustrative of the poverty cycle, and the need for a rights-based approach to development work and governance.

Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011

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